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    • AG8.com新材料(蘇州)有限公司位於蘇州相城漕湖經濟開發區,是集研發,生產和銷售為一體的優質環保灌封防水密封材料的生產製造商。公司擁有完備的環保灌封防水密封材料生產設備,實驗室和研發技術團隊。

      公司生產的優質環保灌封防水密封材料 可廣泛應用於水過濾組件,MBR超濾膜,電動汽車電池,空氣淨化設備,繼電器,調節器,高壓開關,絕緣子,互感器,阻抗器,電纜頭,報警器,固體電源,FBT回掃變壓器,聚焦電位器,點火線圈,線路板,濾波器等電子電器產品和家用電器等電子電氣行業等生產和生活領域。公司以客戶為導向,為客戶創造價值的經營理念,確保產品的質量和性能,為客戶提供優質的產品,服務及解決方案。


      Kinaide new material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd located in Caohu Economic Development Park in Suzhou, is a high performance and environmental sealing material manufacturer. The company has a leading environmental protection sealing material production equipment, laboratory and the core technology research and development team working for many years in the industry.

      Company high performance sealing material can be widely used in automotive industry, air purification equipment, household appliances and electronics industry etc.  Customer-oriented, created value for our customers business ideas ensure the quality and performance of products, to provide customers with quality products, services and solutions.

      Kinaide, best assistant, escort for your product!

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